Analyse auf der Schnecke und I enterobiosis

Analyse auf der Schnecke und I enterobiosis

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Category Interesting To Know October 10, Enterobiasis - a disease that causes the presence of pinworms in the body. This is a very common disease, it is considered the most common infection in the world.

Enterobiasis often sick babies, for whom caring adults who do not observe the rules of hygiene and Analyse auf der Schnecke und I enterobiosis, as well as children who are not trained in personal hygiene. Pinworms produce toxins that poison the body, resulting in reduced immunity, as well as developing other diseases.

This analysis makes it possible to detect the presence of pinworm eggs. Scraping on enterobiosis should be done for all children at least times a year. If there are suspicions on enterobiosis, the analysis can be repeated three times. Usually survey enterobiosis child to spend when it arrives at kindergarten, school, hospitalization, before a visit to the pool, with planned examinations.

The first sign enterobiosis - itching in the anus, often nocturnal. It please click for source caused by pinworms females that lay eggs. However, even in the absence of symptoms the child should be periodically checked for enterobiosis.

Material collected in the morning Analyse auf der Schnecke und I enterobiosis hygiene, so the child does not need to wash away, so as not to husten eine kann wenn sein, Würmer es Person away the eggs of the parasite. In addition, undesirable defecation, so the analysis will be more authentic.

A strip of adhesive tape to the nurse puts the anus of the child, and then pressed to the slide. The procedure lasts less than a minute. In its conduct in the clinic for the study material will be the most recent. If you collect the material at home, you can use a cotton swab, pre-moistened with glycerine. The longer the material will be in the fridge, the lower the accuracy of the result.

As a rule, the results of the analysis are ready a day later. Examination of the material is performed under a microscope. If pinworm eggs are found, scraping on enterobiosis considered negative if they are identified - positive.

In this case, treatment, after which the assay is performed repeatedly. Love Diet Beauty Aesthetic Medicine English Arabic Bulgarian Croatian Czech Danish Analyse auf der Schnecke und I enterobiosis English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Turkish.

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